A Sesame Street Shindig

This past weekend we had a fun 2 year old birthday party, complete with the whole Sesame street gang.  Initially I was just going to do Elmo, but once I got to checking out the internet, a.k.a Pinterest, for ideas, I knew the whole gang should be invited. Every single idea was stolen fair andContinue reading “A Sesame Street Shindig”

2 Years Old

Emma Kate Darling, Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday to you!!! Oh I hope you know how much you are loved. But I’m sure you don’t. Of all the thousands upon thousands of words I have to use, there aren’t enough to convey it. And not to boast or anything, (well maybe just a little), but youContinue reading “2 Years Old”

The best magic show ever

Over the Christmas break my family was treated to the performance of a lifetime by my nephew Harley, I mean Hobo Joe the Magician. Move over David Copperfield. Hand over your wand Harry Houdini because Hobo Joe is in da’ house. Hobo Joe began with humble beginnings living in a cardboard box that was discardedContinue reading “The best magic show ever”

Home is where your purple chair is

I’m home! I almost titled this post Home, Shit, Home.  A name my husband called one of our former residences, but I would be lying.  It is Home, Sweet, Home to the max.  Yes, I just reverted to my high school era.   It happens. After being gone for 11 days over the holidays, IContinue reading “Home is where your purple chair is”