The best magic show ever

Over the Christmas break my family was treated to the performance of a lifetime by my nephew Harley, I mean Hobo Joe the Magician.

Move over David Copperfield.

Hand over your wand Harry Houdini because Hobo Joe is in da’ house.

Hobo Joe began with humble beginnings living in a cardboard box that was discarded after Christmas of 2013. But as fate would have it, his wonderful auntie (that would be me) bought him a magic show kit for Christmas and encouraged him to put on a show for the family.

Hobo Joe diligently learned his tricks and was ready for performing the very next day.

Admission was reasonable and well thought out for a 10 year old lad.
General admission—-$1.00
Kids under 4 (his brother and Emma)—free
His grandmother was free, ‘since she’s a senior citizen’, he added.
His dad was free because he owed him four dollars. Now his debt is only $3.
Teenage girls were $5 each. (He had 3 cousins in this category).

He lost his magic wand before the show and even after offering an award for free admission to the person who found it, with no success, he carried on without.

Hobo Joe will not be stopped by something so trivial as a lost wand. The show must go on.

Hobo Joe turned his cardboard box upside down for his table, threw a table cloth over the top, and began the show.

We all assembled to watch his debut performance.

The audience was wowed by illusions, coin tricks, and sleight of hand. We laughed and cheered and oohed and ahhhhed. And when Hobo Joe got frustrated and threw his trick and said he quit, the audience chanted Hobo Joe, Hobo Joe, Hobo Joe, Hobo Joe till he mustered enough courage to carry on.

It was the best magic show ever and I honestly can’t remember a time where my family laughed together so much. Truly an experience I treasure.

On a side note, Hobo Joe is no longer living in a box and is saving up for a tuxedo.


Here Hobo Joe is thinking of a number or a color or something that Emma picked.


Hobo Joe poses with a picture with his dad, whose been there for him since the beginning (taken before he lost his wand, obviously).


  1. Donna H. says:

    Is this your nephew on your Dad’s side? HoBo Joe resembles your dad I think! How great that he loved his present and gave all of you a “present” of laughter and good memories, as well! BTW .. is that Emma Kate is the mirror on the wall? (Kinda like “Where’s Waldo”, huh?) Until next time .. Donna H.


    1. Angel says:

      haha! Yes Donna that is EK in the mirror. And no, this nephew actually has no blood relation to my dad, but it’s funny he does kinda resemble doesn’t he?


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