All About EK

I’ve got two reasons for this post.

1) my kid is darling

2) I occasionally run into ‘online’ friends  face to face who say they miss seeing my kid on Facebook.

Okay three reasons

3) I need to document the cute, funny, wise, serious things she says and does, and the baby book isn’t cutting it.


So for starters, here’s a pic or two.

She wants to be Snow White for Halloween.  Her costume came in and of course I let her try it on.

The problem is, I’m not sure if I snapped a picture of Snow White or Elvis.



I love this picture of her.  Even though her eyes are closed.  Even though she’s itching her cheek and her dress is dirty.  Even though my thumb is in the picture and I didn’t have enough sense to crop it before I posted it.  I still love this picture.   This is beside our house in a “field” of wildflowers.  But we call it the Bear Forest.




She has so many funny things that she says.  People tell me I won’t remember and heck, I know that’s true.

This week, I took a piece of paper and pen and decided to write down some of the stuff  she says.   Some of these, I’ll have to set the scene, and it may be they turn out to be a “you had to be there” moment.  But I was, so trust me, it was cute when it happened.  Or I wouldn’t have written it down.


Scene 1:

She loves to play with my phone and I’m one of those moms that let her.  She calls people, texts people, and I’m sure annoys the crap out of people.  She will blow up your phone with emojis.  String after string of them.

After sending a text, she said, “I sent daddy a text.  He got it in his pocket.”


Scene 2:

She’s a thinker.  Always trying to put things in their proper category.

“Why did an old lady live in a shoe?  She’s supposed to live in a house!”


Scene 3:

We had some friends come and visit for a couple of days and they happened to have some movies with them.  One of them was Beauty and the Beast.  EK had never seen it, but she knows all about the princesses, I can assure you.  We watched that movie and of course when they left, they took it with them.  The other day (months later) she was sitting on the potty….

Her:  I wish I had the Belle movie.
Me:  Maybe you can get it for Christmas.  Maybe you could ask Santa Claus for it?
Her:  Maybe Santa will go grab that movie from Suzanne.


Scene 4:

Don’t forget we have a teenager in the house, and with that comes that horrid teenage music.  Actually, there’s one song I kind of like.  It’s catchy, even though not really appropriate.   EK has heard it enough to be caught singing……

“I’m on the bass, on the bass. No trouble” (google it if you don’t know)


Scene 5:

Speaking of singing,

“What are little girls made of?
Spice and onions and sugar”


I’d say that’s right.





  1. Judith Auwen says:

    Love to hear from you.


  2. Donna H. says:

    Angel…I say it every time you post EK’s pictures! Could this child get any cuter!!! Like you, I love the “bear forest” picture, but her halloween costume is adorable! DON’T stop writing down the EK-isms; you will treasure them in the years to come! Many years ago my grandsons (now ages 34 and 32) teacher had each child make a cookbook for the grandmas and moms for Mother’s day and it was so hysterical at the time, I laughed until I cried. Things like “put the box of jello in 15 cups of water and cook until the box melts and turns red and jiggles!” Or “put the turkey in the sack in the oven with a little water and bake it for 45 days until it is black!” I can’t even look at the cover now without tears welling up, let alone read it! So keep on doing what you are doing .. you will be so glad you did! P.S. I would tell Suzanne to hide her Beauty and the Beast movie … just sayin’ Looks like you have at least one christmas gift idea that is a “gimme”!!! Love ya all! Until next time… Donna H.


  3. Heather Thompson says:

    Love this!
    I, too, have missed seeing her sweet face on Facebook! And you, too! 🙂


    1. Angel says:

      Thanks Heather!!! Glad you checked in.


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