The End of my Chicken Ranching Era

It happened yesterday.  The end of an era.  But yesterday was a joyous day of remembering the birth of EK, that I couldn’t allow it to spoil the day, regardless of how sad I felt about it. I found my last one chicken dead yesterday shortly after dawn. Actually, dead is such a mild wordContinue reading “The End of my Chicken Ranching Era”

Look Who’s Three!

My dearest Emma Kate, Last night you went to bed as a two-year old and today you woke as a  three-year old!  But not technically.  You actually have until 2:47 this afternoon until you can officially say you’re three.  You are the absolute most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  I love youContinue reading “Look Who’s Three!”

The Latest Emmaisms—Edition 3

So, occasionally I like to blog about the funny things that come out of my daughter’s mouth.  Today, I’m keeping it short and sweet with the latest three funnies. 1)  She’s learned how to covet.  Something she often says is “I wish I had ____________(fill in the blank)”.  The other day while looking at PinterestContinue reading “The Latest Emmaisms—Edition 3”

Two Year Old Snowman

Today is the first official snow of 2015 here in my corner of New Mexico.  Official snow in my book anyway.  There might have been a previous flurry or two, in which I consider that officially unofficial. EK wanted to go build a snowman, but she didn’t want to wear all those clothes.  “They’re tooContinue reading “Two Year Old Snowman”