On This Day a Year Ago……

On this day a year ago, we lost my grandmother on my dad’s side. She was a beautiful lady who just happened to be born on my daughter’s birthday 94 years earlier. She left this world at age 96. Because we lived a good distance apart, I don’t have a vast amount of memories of her,Continue reading “On This Day a Year Ago……”

Rocker Re-Do

I am a porch sitter.  I come from a long line of porch sitters. It’s a simple pleasure of mine. Porch sitting has become a thing of the past.  Heck, porches are becoming a thing of the past.  I adore an older model home for many reasons, but one of them being they usually comeContinue reading “Rocker Re-Do”

Sunday Dinner

There are not many memories in my mental Rolodex that cause me to feel as warm and fuzzy as the memories of Sunday dinner (dinner meaning lunch here) at my mother’s mother, Grannie Silcott’s, house. The menu didn’t vary much. It mostly consisted of roast, potatoes, corn, and green beans. There was leeway at timesContinue reading “Sunday Dinner”