A Letter to EK on her 4th Birthday

My Dearest Emma Kate, Happy Birthday dear one! Goodness. I just can’t believe it. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for theĀ absolute blessing you are in all of our lives. My words are truly inadequate to express my feelings and emotions. As I sit here, I try to think of what to say toContinue reading “A Letter to EK on her 4th Birthday”

Remembering Drew Miller

We had to say good-bye to one of the finest dogs there was. Our Drew Miller. Our Drewby Dooby Doo. He was somewhere around 11 years old. Give or take a year. He was named after a preschool classmate of Ashlynn’s. He was her second puppy after her first Drew Miller met an unfortunate endContinue reading “Remembering Drew Miller”