9 Month old Eleanor

Hey baby girl,

You’ve made the big nine months!!! It goes so fast. For me, anyway.

Life with you is not boring. You keep everything interesting and you keep me on my toes. You have to be watched like a hawk at all times. You have a knack for getting hurt. I mean ALL THE TIME. At least hourly. Please settle down. I cannot handle all the accidents. I do not want a kid who is a frequent flyer in the ER. I honestly can’t. The first time you see me pass out from other people’s trauma, you’ll understand. I’m not cut out for it. And neither is Emma. She’s worse than me. So your best bet is to just get a better handle on your coordination and STOP with the falls, mkay.

Sometimes I do think you’re a bit dramatic, so we’ve been not reacting so quickly to your little bumps and we have noticed that makes a difference. And you’re figuring it all out day by day. You are not nearly as clumsy as you were when you first got mobile and maybe your pain tolerance is increasing after so many crashes. Onward and upward from here!

You are an expert crawler. Fast one too. You pull up and cruise around all furniture pretty adeptly. You’ve gotten brave and have stood alone a handful of times for just a nanosecond. You are a decent climber too. You’ve crawled up on a case of water and stood on it to reach interesting stuff in the pantry and you’ve stood on a toy cash register to make yourself bigger too. That was not going to end well, so I grabbed you off quick.

You have 2 more teeth on top, so 6 total: 4 on top, 2 on bottom. You eat all table foods like us. You are over the baby food completely. Well, you weren’t really ever into it. You like meat. A lot. You go for that over anything else on your tray. You’re an awesome little eater and haven’t refused anything yet. You drink from a cup and a straw. You have a sweet little China tea cup that is all yours. You are still nursing and are a healthy chunka, chunka, burning love as your Grandy referred to you. She called you that and a ‘tub o’ lard’. Tomorrow is your nine month checkup so I’ll update your stats then.

Your sleep is atrocious. Literally the worst. I honestly don’t know how someone (me) can operate on as little sleep for 9 months, but somehow I have. We’ve created the worst habits ever and I just tell myself that “this too shall pass”. I know someday you’ll sleep and I will too. You can remind me of this when you’re a teenager and I’m griping because you’re sleeping too much. Until then we’ll just do the best we can. That’s all we can ever do.

You are headstrong. You throw fits and get so mad at times but you’re also the sweetest little thing too. You have big smiles, and you love to make other people smile too. You love to look at that beautiful baby in the mirror and she smiles right back at you. You are super attached to me, crawling to me to be picked up all the time. You are an affectionate one. We are bosom buddies right now. Where I go, you go.

You celebrated your first Halloween and Oh deer, you were cute! Of course you didn’t get any candy but you didn’t make a stink about it.

I know that there are times I mess up. I get frustrated and angry with you. I’m very sorry for that. You would think I would be better at this than I am, but it has taken me awhile to adjust, and there’s been a lot happening in our lives. When I was a little girl, I thought the grown ups in my life had it all together and knew everything. Now that I’m around the age they would have been, I know they were just trucking along, trying to figure it out day by day. I will never know it all and probably never have it all together either. Just know, I pray every day to be the best mom that I can for you. I love you very much and I only want happiness for you all the days of your life. You are a blessing in this world with great purpose and much love to give and be given. Just keep on being you, sweet one. Mommy loves you!



A gnome and deer

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