Great Quote and Life Motto

I was watching Texas Country Reporter and was interested in a story about Senior Olympics. This is a time when senior citizens compete against one another in a track and field competition. The feature was about a man, can’t remember his name, who had never thrown a disc, shot put or javelin, but at the age of 60 felt inspired. He began practicing at his home with some make shift equipment, entered the competition and won. Since then, he is one of the best.

The quote for that show that I had to write down when I heard it was: “Old age only happens when regrets take the place of dreams”

This should be our motto. What are your dreams? Do you still have them? Are you still working for them? Have regrets taken their place? If so, its time to lose the regrets. Its not too late for dreaming. Think about what you still want, then get up out of your chair and go for it! Live life, starting today!

my accomplishments

I am proud of myself and its a good feeling.

*Yesterday I mounted a horse all by myself without a boost on the butt….This is harder than you think.

*I have exercised for 5 straight days…..5:30 a.m. workouts some days and 2 tapes a day for one of those days. I am seeing results already and want to keep going!

*I have been diligently writing. I have a dream to write and I have been purposeful about finding time. It’s going to happen.

* I have been nominated for Teacher of the Year at my school.

I thank God for all my blessings and know that he is the author of me and director of my paths! I love you Jesus for all you have done and all you’re going to do. May I live a life that is pleasing to you. “I can do all things through Christ, which gives me strength.”

happy Valentines Day

Today is the day that you either love or hate. I’m not that much into it, but I’m married to the most romantic man alive, and I was not sewn with as much as a romantic thread. Because this day is so special to him, I should make it special to me. We celebrated last night, since Saturday is our day for our niece to spend the night with us. We had a fabulous dinner at a swanky cafe, then had a movie. I was exhausted! It was 1:30 before we were home and I couldn’t hold my eyes open. This morning, of course my coffee was made for me as it is every morning, and a lovely card propped against the coffee pot. He is probably the greatest husband out there. I take him for granted all the time. I prayed for years for a husband and I would pray for him before we were married, even when I did not know him. God chose him for me. We have our tough times and I sometimes question it all. But then when I realize how much I love him, and know that I would do it all over again. May you have a loving day!

Solitary Day

Oh today was such a great day. The temperature was a wonderful 66 degrees with no wind and I spent almost the entire day alone. Glorious! I did all the things I love: finished a book, went to the library to get a new book, played piano, worked a jigsaw puzzle, went for a walk, surfed the internet. I enjoyed myself so much just hanging alone. I wish more of these kind of days would float by and I could grab them up.

Children’s Book competition

Today I did a big thing! I took one more step towards my dream of authorship and submitted two manuscripts for a competition. I’m really excited and I’m using positive visualization and seeing myself becoming a finalist. I was really on the fence about this because it carried entry fees. I think to myself that millions of people get books published without paying any money. But then I thought about competitions. There is normally a entry fee for any competition. My niece Ashlynn is competing this weekend in a basketball contest and had to pay $4 herself. So, I bit the bullet and paid the fees. After I become a finalist (positive self talk) I have to hit the internet campaigning for votes. The winner will be chosen by votes on the internet. I can just see it, my name on a book! Wish me luck.

Prayer and Fasting

Today is my first day after completing a 21 day fast. Although it was based on the Daniel fast with strict guidelines, I modified it to fit me for no meats and no sweets. Although I imagined today to be a frenzy of gluttony, I can’t seem to bring myself to endulge. I hope that I have been able to break the strongholds that sugar and sweets have held me under and to be able to move forward with a healthier lifestyle. I almost feel like an addict who knows if they take that first drink, smoke, hit, bite whatever….it will be downhill again. Through this, I only lost 5 pounds, which averages out to about 1.5 a week. That is a healthy loss. But the goal was not weight loss but rather for me a commitment to God fulfilled and bringing myself closer to Him. My prayers could definately have been more intense and frequent, but I’m one step closer to Him in my heart.


Last night and today I have set out to do some painting in the house. The bathrooms have not been painted since we lived here for the past 3 years. It is easy to tell after a bit, that the previous owners had the entire house painted a aqua/turquoise blue. Some of the paint has chipped in places revealing this color that was obviously “in” I hope, at one time. Also, when I look at the ceilings I can vaguely see this color bleeding through, wanting to come out of hiding.

I have chosen the color “Crisp Toast” which just goes lovely with “Indian Summer” and “Golden Harvest” that is in the rest of the house. When I told my mom over the phone the name of the color, I could see her shudder. She hates browns or neutrals of any color. But sometimes, a girl just needs a little neutral in her life. Especially when she’s married to a cowboy who would like the walls done in leather!

I haven’t finished my job yet, I’m waiting on the paint dry. So rather than watching paint dry I decided to write a little blog about it. I’m off now to go do some touch-ups.

WANTED: Children’s Author

I am so very inspired by our visiting author who came to our school today, Susan Stevens Crummel. My dream is to be an author and as she stood there encouraging the students to continue to write, she encouraged me even more. She told about being invited to go to China and speak and also being invited to the White House to read for an Easter event. She looked at the children and said “That could be you one day” I dream that it is me someday.

In this day and age with technology so advanced, it sometimes seems that books will become obsolete. I hope not. I love them so. She told the children that she’s getting old and all the authors who wrote all the books that were lining the library shelves are getting old. If we don’t write, there won’t be any new books.

I have tried so many times to fit writing into my day, with the best of intentions, only to find life gets in the way. I have submitted 3 different manuscripts to publishing houses all over the place and received my many rejection letters. Now the publishing houses don’t even take the time to send a rejection slip. It’s just if you don’t hear from us in 6 months, just assume we think you stink.

I gathered up my courage to tell her I am an aspiring children’s writer. Her advice: Join the SCBWII chapter, which I let my subscription go, and find a chapter where I can go to meetings, get peer critiqued, and put my manuscript into an agents hand there.

Well, my dream has been rekindled today thanks to this author. I only hope I can get a spark growing just enough to light a flame that will spread like a wildfire.


Yesterday I learned yet another exciting tidbit about myself. I am not a flexible person. I have always thought of myself as flexible, I’ve even added this as a bonus on my resume. But after much soul searching, I discovered that I don’t like surprises, having anything sprung on me or being unprepared. Now, I need to do something about this since life has a way of being oh so unpredictable. I guess I’ll just have to start rolling with the punches. I only hope they don’t hit too hard.