Living, Loving, Healing, Hoping Day 2 and Cake for Breakfast

Today we had cake for breakfast. It wasn’t the first time, and it’s not going to be the last. A couple weeks ago I had to buy some buttermilk because I was craving this lemon blueberry cake that is so delicious. We don’t use much buttermilk here, as I assume most don’t, and because IContinue reading “Living, Loving, Healing, Hoping Day 2 and Cake for Breakfast”

Emma’s 6th Birthday Party—emoji

I’m running so far behind, I’m not sure I’m coming or going. Three weeks ago, we celebrated our little one’s sixth birthday and I have yet to document this momentous event with pictures. This time, I did it differently. The first five of her birthdays, we have celebrated at home with friends in an oldContinue reading “Emma’s 6th Birthday Party—emoji”