Reblog: In Memory of my dad #1

Today, I’m remembering my dad. I hope that’s alright with you.
It’s been 2 years, probably about this time exactly, that he died.
I miss him. A lot. Some days it hurts, and other days are just days like every other one  that has come before.
There’s a lot of good in this world, we shouldn’t dwell in sadness, so on a sad day,  I’m reposting this blog from a couple of years ago. It makes me smile. Hope you do too.

This is a repost.  It’s about my dad.  It’s bits and pieces from his emails, all compiled into one.

Ignore the punctuation and spelling, because he does too.

Even though you may not have known him, he was good at his job, so listen to him.

About Exercise:

“i’m really enjoying it, although i’m sooo tired by the end of the week. hope i can stay focused and motivated. i kno i’m never going to be small again, but, who wants to be a little old man, then everyone in town would be beating me up.”

On Learning How to Use Email/computer

“hey ang, got your email earlier and just found out how to get back to you.  how ya’all doin’. can’t find the question mark.”

On grandchildren:

“i’m getting awful anxious for little hannah to make her appearance soon, aren’t you?  That little ashlynn is such a little apple dumplin’ aint she?  this grandpaing is getting to be quite a kick.  think i’ll just live forever.”

On pictures he doesn’t want posted on facebook:

“my gosh, angel, lets get rid of that pic of me and you sitting outside your house. it looks like i forgot to p-ut my teeth in or sompin.”

When my brother lost his artificial leg floating on a raft in the Illinois river:

“i’m so sorry that stan lost his leg. at least he has another one
at home,”

On gangsta talk:

“hey ang, what up, homes?”

On poker

“hey girls, i played in a million dollar freeroll tournament yesterday, and
only made one bad play, and it cost me. i was about 2, 800 in chips and we
were down to about 1100 players. i was dealt pocket nines, and bet out for
about 800 bucks. the guy smooth called, and i put him on A-big, or a pretty
good hand like that. over the next two cards we got all our money in the
middle, i turned over the nines and he had aces in the hole. i say i made a
bad play because i led out bettin on the turn and river. i let him trap me,
i should have been checkin on the 4th card, and if he bet big, i could lay
the nines down. but, i wassn’t thinkin. i find a lot of people doin this in
a game with over 5,000 people in it. also people playin, 9-2 off suit, or
5-3 suited and suckin outon people. people that really have no idea what
they’re doin.”

I actually have no idea what you’re talking about, dad.  I take it you didn’t win me an inheritance?

On pets:

“so, you have a new dog…well, y’all be good to him and make sure he earns his keep. it sounds like he has more training then i could ever give him if he knows what “whoa” means. our stupid dog thought it meant “go at a high speed away from here” because that’s what he did when the gate was opened. i still miss him tho.”

On coming for a visit:

“I’m just going to drive all the way out to gray county, then i may get a room if i am
so tired i can’t continue. Once my truck gets a whiff of Pampa, it’s awful
hard to shut down, so i’ll be coming in at a high lope. Hope that your old
General Moters product don’t shake its self to death on that one stretch of
hi-way. Angel if you can put me up (with out me having to do anything)(and
for free) lemmee know, ok?………………… you’ns, ”

On Whining:

“i’m so lonely. noone ever emails me. i wonder what my kids are doing. probably eating icecream.
no body ever comes to see me. the neighbors won’t speak to me. my dog ran away. woe is me.”
On Advice:
“my best advice i can give is this: DON’T GET FAT.PERIOD.”
On Falling:
              “the thing is you’ve got to know how to fall.  Forwards, not backwards, and preferably into something soft, like a fat lady at       Walmart.”
On Love:
“remember i love you both. so love me back…”
I love you back, forever.

Four Things

I have few things I want to share with you today.

First Thing:

We’re studying the water cycle in science up at the elementary school.  You remember your second grade science class don’t you?  Or has it been many moons?  For a quick review, here’s a song about the water cycle sung to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.


A  one, a two, A one, two, three, four…..

Water travels in a circle, yes it does (clap, clap)

Water travels in a circle, yes it does (clap, clap)

It goes up as evaporation, forms a cloud as condensation, fall to the ground as precipitation, yes it does! (clap, clap)

I was reading the Bible this morning, I am still in the book of Job.  At this point a young man named Elihu is ripping into Job, tearing him a new one, putting him into his place.  He’s telling him about how awesome God is, and then he says these words:

Take a long, hard look.  See how great he is—-inifinite, greater than anything you could ever imagine or figure out!  He pulls water up out of the sea, distills it, and fills up his rain-cloud cisterns.  Then the skies open up and pour out soaking showers on everyone.  Does anyone have the slightest idea how this happens?


I read that and was bamboozled.  It’s the water cycle, right there…..evaporation, condensation, precipitation.  I don’t know why I was so surprised to find this in the Bible.  I mean, God is the creator of everything after all.  What took scientists until the 16th century to  learn and label with big, scientific sounding words, Elihu knew 2000-1800 years B.C.  Awesome, isn’t it?

Second Thing:

I’ve never been a magazine subscriber until recently.  I spent a good $50 on magazine subscriptions when we bought our Little Trailer House on the Prairie. 

These magazines will teach you how to garden, can food, cook chickens, milk cows, build solar panels, bake bread, make hammocks, and asundry other very informational things.  Someday I fear us younger generations are going to wish we knew how  not to depend on commercialism.

Some great magazines to read if you’re wanting to learn how to live off the land and become more self-sufficient are the following:


Mother Earth News

Hobby Farms

Mary Jane’s Farm

Today I received this new GRIT magazine in the mail from my grandmother-in-law. 

We call her M.O.  It’s all about turkeys.

 She also sent this book home with Jason recently. 

It teaches how to make home-made beer.  Among other important things. 

But the item that I received in the mail yesterday that made my heart go pitter-pat, was new sticky return address labels. 

With my name and address of course.

But these aren’t just any old kind of return address labels. 

They have pictures on them. 

And not of flags either.

But farm animals.

A chicken, a cow, and a rooster. 

And look at this.  Doesn’t she make you want to just snuggle up with her?


I’ve never wanted a pig.  Never  ever. 

Until now.

I can’t resist him any longer.

Help me, help me, help me.

Third Thing:

I’ve been unsubscribing to a lot of my emails lately.  I click unsubscribe and a box pops up that says something like, “Thank you.  You won’t be receiving any more emails from us”  But then suddenly, an alert of a new email message pops up from the exact same company who just lied to me telling me I won’t be receiving any more emails from them that says, “We’re sad to see you go, would you please fill out a short survey letting us know what’s wrong.”  Or “Oops, did you mean to unsubscibe from us? If it’s a mistake, please click here.”   That’s a little bit annoying to me.  Just needed to vent. 

Fourth Thing:

I read a little snippet today that the earth’s rotation is moving in such a way that our zodiacal (if that’s even a word) signs are changing.  So guess what?  You may no longer be a Leo or a Sagittarius.  I was a  Pisces, but now I’m an Aquarius. 

You can

Don’t let it shatter your world.  I think it was just a bunch of drunk on home-made beer farmers that decided it.