6 month old Eleanor

Dearest Little El– You are now six months old! What fun you are! You are growing by leaps and bounds too. At your doctor’s appointment, here were your stats: you weighed in at 16 lbs 13 oz. They said that is about the 70th percentile in weight. And you measured 27 inches long. You knowContinue reading “6 month old Eleanor”

Eleanor Beth 5 months old!

Dear Ella Beth, Another month has come and gone and you are still fabulous! Listen kid, time is flying. I will tell you from experience, that most of your life, it will seem like the seconds, hours, months, and even years are passing at a snail’s pace, but when you get to be my age,Continue reading “Eleanor Beth 5 months old!”

Big, yet simple

Trying to live big. Trying to live simply. Can we do it? For us, this is what it looks like the past few days. Me with a warm cup of creamy coffee. Jason with a glass of nice dry wine. Emma with a Gatorade, Glacier Freeze. Blankets and pillows loaded up. We drive west aContinue reading “Big, yet simple”

Ordinary, yet precious

Life is made of moments. Many are magical. Most are merely mundane. Ordinary life. But within every second of mundane and ordinary, lies the power. The power to be present. The power to choose your words carefully. The opportunity to connect with others. The opportunity to love, show love, and be love. All we reallyContinue reading “Ordinary, yet precious”

What this day means to me

The calendar hanging on the wall reads May 20. But I don’t need the calendar to remind me. I’ve actually been thinking about this day all month. I’ve been thinking of this month all year. I couldn’t let this day slip past without an acknowledgment, because this day is pretty significant to me. Today isContinue reading “What this day means to me”

4 year old My Little Pony/Rainbow Party

Okay, here we go. I must start this blog with a disclaimer. There are bloggers who make money blogging. I’m not one of them (although that’d be swell). There are bloggers who have perfect pictures of projects that people pin on Pinterest. I’m not one of them. I don’t even know how to put a PContinue reading “4 year old My Little Pony/Rainbow Party”

Responsibility/Chore/To-do Charts for Preschoolers–A Pinterest WIN

  It seems I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Anyone else? I love all the “stuff” it offers, the great ideas, the pictures of beautiful places, the words of wisdom it imparts. Like this one: One of my favorites. But I hate all the other”stuff” about it. The pressure it exerts to be the perfect,Continue reading “Responsibility/Chore/To-do Charts for Preschoolers–A Pinterest WIN”

When Motherhood Becomes a Battle…….the Side I Choose

We danced in the rain, arms outstretched, face upwards. We water-colored and crayon colored. We cooked and sang. We kicked a soccer ball and practiced writing the letter S. We read books and looked for hidden objects in the pictures. There are a million things my mind tells me I should be doing. Like packingContinue reading “When Motherhood Becomes a Battle…….the Side I Choose”

On This Day a Year Ago……

On this day a year ago, we lost my grandmother on my dad’s side. She was a beautiful lady who just happened to be born on my daughter’s birthday 94 years earlier. She left this world at age 96. Because we lived a good distance apart, I don’t have a vast amount of memories of her,Continue reading “On This Day a Year Ago……”

Look Who’s Three!

My dearest Emma Kate, Last night you went to bed as a two-year old and today you woke as a  three-year old!  But not technically.  You actually have until 2:47 this afternoon until you can officially say you’re three.  You are the absolute most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  I love youContinue reading “Look Who’s Three!”