Got No Power Windows

Let me tell you about my yesterday. We had to do some work on the chicken coop, so I needed my new, old truck to help haul some old wood for me.  We tore down one side of the chicken coop that was just crappy old particle board hammered together. We’re replacing it with some rustic lookingContinue reading “Got No Power Windows”

A Special Lady

Today, in just a few short hours, my family will be celebrating my grandmother’s 93rd birthday over in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  I couldn’t  be there, but wanted to send her some happy birthday wishes. {sending happy birthday wishes now} Isn’t she beautiful?   Her name is Mattie Dimple Calico.  If that isn’t the best name in the world,Continue reading “A Special Lady”

Amazing Grace

My eleven year old niece takes art lessons.  This is her most recent painting. She loves art, drawing, creating, and having fun. Let me tell you a little bit about her. She was born under less than perfect circumstances and survived a very traumatic beginning in this cruel world.  Her middle name is Grace and she was quicklyContinue reading “Amazing Grace”

The Seinfeld Post—a post about nothing

I’ve accepted a challenge by WordPress, the site where I blog.  They are challenging bloggers to either post once a week or once a day in the year 2011. I am going for the once a day posting challenge.  It’s a biggie.  Especially considering how long it takes me to write one of these boogers.    I missed the veryContinue reading “The Seinfeld Post—a post about nothing”

Journey to the Land of Less is More Mile #2–Emails

This is the year for simplification in my life.  I am working towards uncluttering my surroundings and living with less.  I’m taking baby steps, even though to me they are like miles.  My destination is the Land of Less is More.  It’s my imagined Nirvana where the capital city is Simplicity.  I spent some time thisContinue reading “Journey to the Land of Less is More Mile #2–Emails”