Sugar….bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, ah, Honey, Honey

I’ve discovered something that I want to share.

It has to do with the Bible.

And honey.

“If you find honey, eat just enough–too much of it, and you will vomit”. Proverbs 25:16 NIV

This happened to me once, and it almost happened again last night.  I love honey, but eat just one teaspoonful too much and you’ll be ralphing in the flowerbed.

The Bible also says this: 

“My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the honeycomb is sweet to the taste. Proverbs 24:13.

 but if you look in The Message, it says it like this. 

“Eat honey, dear child—-it’s good for you.” 

I just love that.  In our society’s search for healthy foods, nutritious choices, and apples on the McDonald’s menu, right there in the Thirty Precepts of the Sages in Proverbs in the Word of God, lies an answer.

I believe in my pea picking little brain,  that our world is generously blessed with cures for many,  if not all, illnesses in the form of foods, flowers, herbs, and other G0d-given gifts.  Simply put, I believe there is something on this earth to cure what ails us.

Among these foods is honey.  Honey has been called a super food.  Raw honey is one of nature’s purest foods.

I try to remember to eat a spoonful of raw honey every day. Except for days like yesterday, when after one bite, I had another, and after a second bite, I had a third.  And after a third bite I got a stomach ache, just like the Bible said I would.  I did actually vomit once after eating too much honey.  It just made me sick.  The Bible knows.  Listen to it. 

What is the difference between raw honey and “regular” honey?  Raw honey has nothing added or taken away.  It contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb, and live enzymes.  It hasn’t been heated or strained.  Basically, it is honey from the hive straight to the jar.  Plus, it’s way more expensive.  But worth it!!

When you open a jar of raw honey, you will find a very hard, crusty, layer. 

It may gross you out at first, it did me, so prepare yourself.  These are called honey “cappings” and they are crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen, and propolis.  According to Wikipedia, propolis is “a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Propolis is used for small gaps (approximately 6 millimeters (0.2 in) or less), while larger spaces are usually filled with beeswax.”

This crusty capping is hard and you have to break through it with your spoon. 

The first time J-Dub looked at it he remarked, “that looks like vomit.”  And then we remembered that honey is actually a form of bee vomit, something they’ve regurgitated, but you just can’t think about that!  So stop, right now! 

These cappings are a little hard to handle the first time you put them in your mouth, especially if you’re a texture person.  My jar of honey says you can chew them like gum, and that just sorta turns my stomach.  I try to mix mine up so it isn’t extremely concentrated, but after a while I got used to it. 

Honey is antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic, and antifungal.  Plus it never spoils. It has been used as a medicine since ancient times, probably way back when the Dead Sea was only sick and Moby Dick was just a minnow.

Health benefits of raw honey:

  • Aids stomach and digestion
  • Can be used on cuts, burns, wounds, and rashes
  • Treats allergies
  • Soothes coughs and sore throats
  • Natural source of energy

 Some studies have even shown honey to contain anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

So sugar, what are you waiting for?  Go eat some honey!

Making Your own Baby Food

A recent motto I’m attempting to sink into my soul is “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”

Today I want to tell you about my  frugalicious friend and neighbor Revelle. 

She is doing something that makes me happier than a coondog on a bare leg.

Let me tell you about it.

But first, you must meet her precious 5 month old, Jaxon. 

He was smiling at me right before this, I promise. 

I think he likes me, don’t you?

For all the moms out there who are wanting to say no to consumerism and save some bucks, with 30 minutes and a food processer, Revelle will show you how.

She is making her own baby food for this little solid-food eater.

A jar of sweet potatoes in the grocery store runs about one dollar per jar. 

Instead, she bought 3 sweet potatoes for $2.36.  She baked them, peeled them, and cut them up.  Then put them in a food processor and pureed them.

She then poured them into these little ice trays with lids and froze them.

She was able to make 40 one ounce servings for $2.36.

Math has never been my best subject, but I know that figures out to saving some serious moolah.

Plus it’s fresh and made in your own kitchen with your own germs.

And that’s as good as it gets. 

Unless you add butter.

And marshmallows.

The Seinfeld Post—a post about nothing

I’ve accepted a challenge by WordPress, the site where I blog.  They are challenging bloggers to either post once a week or once a day in the year 2011.

I am going for the once a day posting challenge.  It’s a biggie.  Especially considering how long it takes me to write one of these boogers.   

I missed the very first day of the year.  Which technically means I failed before I even started, but I am going to perservere anyway. I may be a failure but I ain’t no quitter.

Now its January 5th, Day #5, and guess what?  I’m out of ideas.  I got nothing.  I have nothing to write and a sneaking suspicion this might be a long year.  Yesterday evening, after I pushed publish on my last blog, I closed my laptop feeling very insecure about my post, and thought  It’s a good thing noone is ever coming back to read anything I’ve ever written, because I have nothing more to say. 

Nevertheless I’ve accepted this challenge, I want to do it,  and I need to post something daily.  Something with a little substance.

All day I’ve been thinking about a topic. 

WordPress is putting out ideas over at, so I hopped over there for some inspiration.  Today’s topic is “Are you stressed out right now?  If so , why or why not”  Uh, yeah, I kinda, sorta don’t have an idea for a blog the 5th day into a challenge. 

Next I thought I might do a Wordless Wednesday post like other bloggers do, where they just post a picture and no words at all.  But I can’t, I tried that before.  And I just can’t say nothing.

But if I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post, which I’m obviously not, here is the picture I would use.

But I can’t post a picture like this and not explain it.  It’s just not right.

This was taken on Thanksgiving Day.  My mom was cooking and we all gathered up at her house.  It was a pretty large crowd and one must admit, it is hard to cook for a large crowd especially when the cook is out of practice, has adult ADHD, and is displaying the early stages of Alzheimers.  I LOVE YOU MOM!!

Authors Note:   Okay so right now I must pause in writing and tell you, if my mom ever reads this, which she probably won’t because she’s forgotten I even have a blog, but if she does, I will need protection from her immediately.   I will pack my bags, move to a remote location and not leave a forwarding address.  If I make it out alive.  I’m scared.

Back to the story.  My mom was a bit frazzled, all with the turkey being undercooked, forgetting the ham,  not having enough chairs for everyone,  the broken plate and the spilled tea.    So when I saw a cigarette on the rolls, and my mom being  the only smoker in the house, I thought Holy Cow, she’s gone over the edge now.  There’s no turning back.  Call in the white coats.  Haul her to the loony bin. 

But she denied doing it.  That was not me, she claimed. 

She was adament about her innocence.  I would NOT have done something like that

Now mind you, this is the same woman who drove off and left my niece ordering a milkshake at  Jay’s Drive-In the other day and didn’t realize she’d left her until she got home, then had to rush back only to find her leaning against the bricks sucking on her straw with not a worry in the world.  So laying a cigarette on a dinner roll and walking off seemed very plausible to me.

So I was all like, mom you probably just forgot.  Who else would have done it?

And here I must give my mom a little credit.  It wasn’t her after all.  She was right.  She would not have done something like that.  Of course she wouldn’t.  The heathen children later confessed (after torture and beatings) that it was them.  They were playing pranks on the grown-ups.  They felt we needed some revenge after forcing them to sit at Mr. Tiny’s table, which in itself is a whole ‘nother story.


Here are three of them shaking their fists at us just because we forgot they existed and didn’t have a  table or chairs for them.  I don’t know why they’re complaining.   Children never get to sit at the grown up table during the holidays.  It’s like the law or something.


Here’s something funny that happened today.  I was teaching my classroom full of second graders that I adore.     There is not a single child in there that I want to hog tie and gag.  Not one.  We’re studying weather patterns and the water cycle.  So I ask the question, “Who can tell me the four seasons?” 

And one of my boys blurts out, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

Friday Night Frolic

Sometimes, not real often, Jason and I act fancy. 

We dress up.
He loves that. 
I don’t.

We go out.
He loves that.
I don’t.

This past weekend we got all spiffied up and went to the big city to eat expensive food.  He had elk, the couple with us had halibut and ribeye steak.  But I chose the lamb chops.   I made the best decision of us all, hands down.  They were not good.  Good doesn’t even begin to describe them.  Even delicious is not the right word.  Succulent, delectable, now that’s getting close.  Drizzled underneath these lamb chops was a spicy, sweet jalapeno currant glaze.  Oh holy heavens, my mouth is watering.

 Pardon me while I wipe the saliva off my keyboard.


Sorry about that.

I’d never had lamb chops before but I think they have surpassed #2 on my list of favorite foods.

My List of favorite foods before Lamb Chops.
1.  Cereal
2.  Pound cake

My List of favorite foods after my Heavenly Experience of Lamb Chops.
1.  Cereal
2.  Lamb chops
3.  Pound cake

Not much can beat cereal in my book.  I love all kinds.  From Raisin Bran to Fruity Pebbles and all in between.  I’ve always imagined if I were an inmate on death row, what I’d request for my last meal.  I’m a simple girl.  I’d probably just say, Pour me a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. With whole milk.  But after Friday night, it just might be lamb chops, baby.  I wonder if the penitentiary cook can prepare lamb chops with jalapeno currant glaze?  Doubtful. 

After our fabulous meal, we ventured over to a symphony where we heard an instrument I’ve never heard of before.  It’s called the arumba,  arimba,  rutabaga, marimba.  Being the cultured one that I am, I can only describe it as a big xylophone with pipes. 

It was amazing how a tiny little woman could play this thing.  She used sticks with colored balls on the ends and held two in each hand and manipulated them in ways that was unbelievable.  She had to spread her legs wide to be able to reach both ends. 

It was like watching those girls at the circus who can do all those hula hoops.  Fascinating.  You just sit there and think, Now that takes some talent.

I think I only dozed off twice.  But I told Jason I was closing my eyes to experience the music, to become one with it.  Sshhhhh.  That will be our little secret, okay?

But what I really want to know is, what would you request from the penitentiary cook?