The Whisperings of God

Each morning I take a 30 minute walk.  Except when it’s raining; which is never.  During that time of awakening my bones and joints, I lift my eyes up and talk to God and He oftentimes awakens my spirit.  Some mornings, it’s just me talking to the wind and the sky, but once in a blue moon, I hear him whisper back to me.  It might  just be in the sunrise or the birds singing, but I hear it just the same and a deep calm covers me.  It’s the only way I make it through this world somedays.

On Tuesday during our visit, I was a bit whiney.  I was focused on the dry conditions and asking for rain.  And in my desperate spirit I told him I felt like he’d forgotten about us.  Was he listening?  Did he care? 

He didn’t respond.


But afterwards during my morning facebook ritual, I read a post by my friend Chantelle.  And although it was her typing the words, and although the words came from Restoration Place Ministries Word, it was HIM speaking to me.  And this is what he said.

I Am restoring the things that were assigned to your hands by Me. I call forth destiny over you. The things that seemed to be delayed are now ready to be released. There have been moments when you felt downcast, you thought that I had passed you by. Look up into My eyes today & be refreshed. Look & see the provisions. Look & see the outcome; I will triumph in you. You will see great victory for this battle belongs to Me. I own it; it is Mine.

Reading that, it could apply to a million different scenarios that you might be facing.  But to me, it spoke RAIN.  It spoke showers of blessings.  I said “Thank You Lord.  You haven’t forgotten about us.” 

That evening, JDub and I drove over to a neighboring town for some business and supper.  During supper, my mom called to tell me that it was pouring rain.  The power was out.  The rain was coming down in sheets.  The wind was howling.  Sure enough, facebook was exploding with pictures from the townfolk of the rain, the winds, rushing water down the streets, and children playing in the gutters afterwards.  It was awesome. 

Although we missed the storm, we certainly saw its aftermath.  It was a storm, I tell you.  Out here at our place, a tree had fallen over into the barbed wire fence, my lawn furniture was a tangled mess blown across the yard, and  my niece’s little playhouse was in about 20 pieces strewn across the pasture.  When we moved here, there was a little structure left that appeared to be built for a child’s fort.  My nieces took to it, hammering it, painting, it, decorating it.  But it is no longer.  Ash doesn’t seem to be too upset about it, which is good.  She is the optimistic one who says maybe we can build a new one.

We received 8 tenths of an inch according to our raingauge, but other places reported an inch to an inch and a half.  And now this morning, as I sit in my dark living room typing, I hear the thunder rolling, I see lightening flashing, and raindrops are hitting the rooftops and windows.  The things that seemed to be delayed are now ready to be released.  Praise be to the Restorer!  God’s promises remain.  And I’m standing on them.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are.  Look for your blessings and you’ll find them.



Rain and Reptiles

Lightening, thunder, wind, and RAIN greeted us this morning in the Texas Panhandle.  It has been so dry, the trees are bribing the dogs.  Here in my little town we only average 21.16″ of rain annually.  So far this year, we’ve received seven drops.  Okay, maybe eight.

Technically, we’re in a drought.  We haven’t been this dry since the 1960’s.

Drought Monitor

So every teensy, tiny little drop of rain helps.   Even if it is a couple hundredths of an inch.  My husband is still having to cake the cows, which has nothing to do with chocolate in case you’re wondering.  Usually by this time of the year, they are able to graze, but since it hasn’t rained, the grass hasn’t grown.  Something about that whole cause and effect thing.

Texas: Current 1-Day Observed Precipitation Valid at 5/11/2011 1200 UTC - Created 5/11/11 23:40 UTC

Just so you can feel a tiny bit sorry for me, I’ll tell you how hard it is to go to work while it’s raining  out here at “the Place”.  I gather up my purse, my lunch, my phone, and my coffee cup and hit the door running.  I don’t have a garage.  Nor do I have an umbrella, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have a hand to hold it.  So I must run to the car while the rain comes at me sideways pushed by gusty winds and plops in my coffee.  I also don’t have a paved driveway, I have a dirt one.  Nor do I have an electric gate opener.  So my flipflops become soaked and muddy, and my clothes become wet, and my hair sticks to my head as I get out of the car to open the gate, step in a puddle, get back in the car, step in a puddle, drive through the gate, get back out of the car to close the gate, step in a puddle, get back in the car to head to work. 

But I’m thankful for the rain.  I’m not complaining. Really.  Please don’t mistake this for complaining.  It’s just something new I’ve had to learn since I was used to garages with openers and paved driveways.  Ah, the country life.

Perhaps the rain is what brought a friend into my yard this evening.   He’s from the reptile family, but don’t worry, it’s not a rattlesnake.    You know, the first time I see a rattler in my yard, I’m liable to sieze up and piss myself.  It was only a little turtle.  I took a picture, but it wouldn’t load, so nevertheless you have to take my word for it.

The turtle fellow kinda caught me by surprise, nestled up against the chicken pen.  He’s probably a harmless welfare case out begging for some free chicken scratch or something. 

Actually I have no idea what turtles eat. 

We found a turtle one time a couple of years ago and my niece Ashy tried to feed it some grass and leaves,

but it wasn’t having any part of that. 

I guess it doesn’t matter what he eats, as long as it isn’t chicken, we’ll get along just fine.