10 Photos that make me smile

1.  This is my niece Ashy holding her brother.  He skinned his forehead earlier that day.  That bruise might make him look tough if only he didn’t have a bow in his hair.

2.  This is me about 30 years ago.  My dad, whom we buried a week ago today, commented on this photo:  “when i think of you as little, this is what i think of.” 

3.  There’s not anything cuter than a baby calf, even when it has a booger in its nose.

4.  I’m thankful for this book and it’s promises.  I stand on them.

5.  I’m thankful for this man, who loves me so. (That’s my dad in the back window, checking out the ride.)


6.  This is my sister, who ironically thinks she’s smarter than me.  I don’t recall ever sticking MY head in a mud puddle.  It’s great that my mom grabbed her camera before grabbing a washrag.

7.  This note hangs on my mom’s front door. 

8.  Three of J-Dub’s friends. I love the joy in this picture.


9.  My earthly dad.

10.  My heavenly Father.

Keep smiling 🙂