What happened when I quit Facebook

I quit facebook.  It was huge for me.  I think either today, tomorrow, or the next day marks two weeks.  Two weeks!

I don’t even know why I did it, except that somewhere in the past few years, months, weeks, or days, when it happened I’m not sure, but at some point, I kind of lost myself.  It’s not face book’s fault, but just a combination of my choices.  Maybe it’s never happened to you, but I got to the point where I just found myself sick to death of everything, including myself.  So I pulled the plug.  I can’t pretend it wasn’t hard.  Within moments my mind was racing with pathetic thoughts. The first thing I worried about was that if I died, while not on Facebook, no one would be able to visit my wall to eulogize me and tell my loved ones how much they missed me.  Or give a nice story.  Or even know I died at all.  That thought process right there may be indicative of the health of my mind at the time.

The next thought, after the death one, was that my sister’s birthday was coming up in a couple of days and just how was I going to handle that?  Usually it was an ol’ happy bd fb post, but now I would need an alternate method.  To the card store I went.   It got me thinking that I didn’t receive one card in the mail on my previous birthday, except from Bealls, the local department store, with a friendly $10 gift to use toward my purchase.  I may not have received a card for my birthday, but I know I probably got more than a hundred fb messages.  What is that saying about us as people?  Anything at all?  Sending cards will soon be filed away in the same archaic vault as sending a lock of hair to a loved one.  I almost sent one to my sister, just for old times sake.

Then over the next few days of my fb fast, I would catch myself thinking “I should put that on Facebook”.  Or wondering about certain people who I only kept in contact with through that venue.  It was comparable to a grieving process, how for a brief moment you  pick up the phone to call your mom or your dad, only to remember they’re no longer living.  But as the days passed, it became easier and better.  I haven’t really missed it.  Except maybe, a little.

I did want to post Ashlynn’s first day of 10th grade, so here it is:


Isn’t she lovely?  This was the day after she was released from the hospital with yet another stomach blockage due to adhesions.  It had been a while since we have had to deal with this, and it was downright scary. She spent three days in there feeling terribly.  Normally, I would have been straight on fb for prayer, because it is a great avenue for that.  My sister kept the Facebook world updated and many prayers came for healing and I am much appreciative. I know her healing is from God and I know the many prayers of friends and family reached the heavens.


Friends helped keep her spirits up.  She developed a nasty cough right afterwards, but about has that whipped now too and is on to smooth sailing.


So here it is nearly September, and we are squeezing the last drops out of summer as we can.  We went and took Emma out on a paddle boat the other day and found ourselves way too far out with just a few minutes to get back.  Our thighs were burning trying to get back to the dock in time.  Emma was crying in the beginning, she is such a cautious child and really tends to get anxious at new things, but she was all smiles in no time.  A package of m&m’s might have helped.


She’s a full blooded two and a half year old now and keeps me laughing.  She’s so good and a true blessing and joy in all of our lives. I really need to write down more of what she says because they’re just so darn funny.

All in all, since my fb sabbatical (and my deletion of all other social media, save pinterest and words with friends) I am feeling much more light hearted.  I’m finding my focus, which primarily should be on the people who live under my roof.  Other than that, each day is just a repeat of the previous.  Sometimes it’s drudgery, sometimes it’s chaos, but there is always beauty to be found when I pause long enough to look around.

The big things are still the same:  I’m still trying to find my purpose in life and  still trying to grow my bangs out, both of which might take to the end of my days.  And in the event the end of my days might come, you might have to go to the card store to send a condolence.  Go ahead and stick a lock of hair in their too, okay, just for old times sake.



Summertime Splash

Do you think my kid could use a bigger pool?  Or even one of those plastic ones with a built in slide instead of our redneck contraption here?

There’s not even any room to splash in this thing.


She doesn’t mind, trust me.  We’re talking about a kid who won’t even lay down in the bathtub.  This super chill girl is more than content to sit and soak her feet.  But really, once we put the slide and the ring and the kid in the pool, there’s not much room for anything else.



Oh my goodness, this teeny weeny pool just drives it home to me.  How in the world did she already outgrow this?  This was last year’s swimming pool, the smallest they made.  Because after all, she was pretty small.  A one year old, practically a wittle baby.

But not anymore, now she’s a whole year older and apparently a whole lot bigger. This summer I pulled out the little plastic guy and discovered many little puppydog teeth marks that were keeping it from holding water.  Never underestimate the power of duct tape.  After a few little patches here and there, it’s just like a brand new one.   Since the weather was relatively warm, we (meaning EK) dove right in.


Summertime and the living is easy.  We don’t get very many days here that are hot enough to endure that icy cold water straight from the hose kind of swimming, so we got to take advantage of it while we can.


Just today I saw a post on pinterest that said something along the lines of “Don’t save things for special occasions.  Today is a special occasion.”  How true.

Just watching my little girl sing in the pool with not a care in the world for either of us makes today a special occasion.

Maybe tonight we’ll eat our ramen noodles off the fine china.

Summer twenty thirteen

I’m such a slacker and I make myself so mad when I don’t blog regularly.  My thoughts and words are a bumbling rambling mess in my head which means the best approach to empty out  is with a list.

  • Today is the first official day of summer.  Here in Ruidoso, the weather is a dream come true to us.  We don’t even have air conditioning in our house and the highs are in the 80’s right now.  It gets a bit warm in the afternoon but not unbearable.  Especially if you’re laying around, which is pretty much what I do.  Despite the cooler temps, I still hate cooking in summer.  Blah!  Heck, I hate cooking in winter, spring, and fall too.  Who am I kidding.
  • My baby is a week away from 17 months old.  It doesn’t seem possible.  We did a practice run at potty training the other day, and well, let’s just say we need a lot more practice.  Within 45 minutes, we’d been through 5 pairs of training panties and a pair of sheets.  Laundry, laundry, laundry.
  • I lost a chicken the other day.  Another mystery in the art of poultry ranching.  My last black chicken was lying dead in the yard.  It could’ve been the dogs, but they’ve lived with the chickens for more than 2 years without killing one.  It could’ve been another chicken, it could’ve been a stroke.  It remains unexplainable.  Nevertheless, I’m down to only 4 chickens but still plenty of eggs and noone to give them too. You may be hearing me describe all the ways I can prepare eggs soon:  fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs…..
  • EK talks like nobody’s business.  It’s not always decipherable by most, but me and daddy have it down pretty good.  Yesterday she woke up from her nap.  I asked her if she’d like a snack.  She ran to the pantry and said “m&m’s, chocolate, donuts”  in that order.  No worries that we’re raising a health nut here.
  • I’ve had a lot of people tell me over the years that I should write a book.  That is such a huge undertaking, but not out of the question.  I’d love to, but I’m not there yet.  So, I’ve taken a direction with my writing that comes as a bit of a surprise as I’ve been hired to write a little romance novella.  I’m actually going to get paid a small pence.  Haha!  It’s a bit ironic as I have as much romance in me as a white boy’s got dance moves, but with a little help from wine, I’m hoping to unleash my inner love starved heroine.
  • egg florentine, egg drop soup…….
  • We’ve finally found a church here that we’re enjoying and meeting new people.  I think the hardest part of moving is losing the familiarity of people.  But all in good time, all in good time.
  • J-Dub and I had an anniversary this month.  We celebrated 8 wonderful years and one really bad one.  Nah, I’m just kidding.   It’s not an easy thing, but it’s a good thing.   I hope to grow old with him and watch our grandchildren play in our front yard, feeling satisfied that we did our best.
  • egg custard, eggs benedict, egg salad…..
  • I’m currently reading 4 books, yes 4.  What the heck is wrong with me?  I’ve got a romance, because obviously I need some research in that department.  A book club book by Jodi Picoult, and Remember Ben Clayton.  Also Captivating another book club discussion.  So many books, so little time.
  • Currently I’m in love with a rack of dresses at Walmart.  Economically priced at $9.94 and in a myriad of colors, I am the proud owner of 3 so far.  I’m not usually a dress person, but you know what?  These don’t bind me up.  They flow, they’re loose, and airy.  It’s almost like wearing a gown all day and who can go wrong with that.
  • Life is good.  It really is.  I’m happy in this season of my life.  God is good to me, and His love is indescribable.   Sometimes I’m filled with so much love, I don’t know what to do.  I only hope that it overflows out of me and splashes onto others a little.

I enjoyed writing this little love letter to you, but supper doesn’t stop because it’s summer.

So I’m off to cook steak.

And eggs.




Book Recommendation

Summer in the Texas Panhandle has descended upon us and is pummeling us with her hot, grubby fists.  Yesterday I believe the mercury rose to 106.  I don’t have my pool yet.  The problem lies in deciding where to put it. 

Do I:

a) put it in the backyard fully covered by a fence with absolutely no grass and let it become a mucky, muddy, mess? 

b) put it outside of the fence-shielded backyard and run the risk of passersby seeing me in my string bikini? 

c)  quit my crazy dreaming that I’ll ever wear a bikini again as long as I live.

You know what’s crazy?  Even when I could’ve worn a bikini, I didn’t.  I always have been self-conscious of myself in a bathing suit.  Still am, but so is 98% of all the other women out there.  The other 2%, I’m sure you’ve seen them too.

Since my swimming pool is not up and ready, and it was too hot to be outside for this delicate flower, I decided to hole up yesterday and read.  I spent my day reading Heaven is For Real and I must give it 2 thumbs up.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back [Book]

It is written by Todd Burpo whose not yet four-year old son undergoes an emergency appendectomy and months later begins to relate to his family about his trip to heaven. 

Being the staunch skeptic that I am, I read the book with, well, skepticism.  And lots of it.  Because that’s how I roll.  But by the end of the book, I was convinced this young man really experienced the things he claimed to have experienced.

It’s an easy read.  It’s a can’t-put-it-down kind of book.  It’s a book you shouldn’t keep, but should pass on to someone else.  It gives hope.  It answers questions.  It causes the doubting Thomas’s of the world (like me) to have faith in things they haven’t seen and believe that others are blessed to get to see them.

If you’re a reader, you should read it.  And if you’re not a reader, you should read it.  It’s worth it.

And since I didn’t do a blasted thing yesterday except read and eat and sleep, today I must crack the whip at myself and get some things accomplished.

But first, I just thought of one good thing about it being so hot. 
I didn’t see a snake yesterday!
I stayed in the cool and they did too.





Summertime and the Living is Easy

School’s out for summer!

Sing it Alice, sing it.

Just in case you’re wondering, that’s not me on the last day of school.  That’s Alice Cooper, but even I admit the resemblance is uncanny.

Today I woke up and literally jumped for joy.  My beloved husband said, “Does this mean you’re going to be in a good mood every day this summer?” 

“Yes, Yes it does.”

(looking towards the heavens)  “Thank you Jesus.”

My moods have been less than good lately.  And summertime is just what the doctor ordered.   I enjoy my job.  I enjoy my students.  I also enjoy my time off. 
Plans for my summer consist of a whole lot of nothing.  My dad used to say in reference to his retired life, “Everyday’s a Saturday.”  Agreed, that is what my summer should be.  I’m not a vacationer.  I don’t care to travel.  I hate to fly, and that big old world out there holds no intrigue for me.  I’m a homebody, happy to sit in the yard and listen to the chickens cluck.  They’re beginning to cluck now.  They no longer peep.  Their sounds are lovely, lovely to my ears.

During Summer two thousand eleven:

I’m going to work on my writing and my figure.
I’m going to start and complete household projects.
I’m going to cook supper at least four times a week.
I’m going to spend time with my niece.
I’m going to buy a pool.
I’m going to pray and draw closer to God.
I’m going to relish each day.

I leave you with a favorite quote of mine. I’ve posted it before but it’s double post worthy.
“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water or watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time.” Unknown

Happy summer friends.

Jiggity Jig

My sister-in-law called me the other day bubbling with excitement about the jigsaw puzzles she found for me.

After I got them in my hot little paws, I’m bubbling with excitement as well.

I am restraining myself from starting them now.  I have to wait until June, my schedule will only allow it.

 If you’re a jigsaw puzzle lover like myself, these are going to make you start foaming at the mouth.  If jigsaw puzzles make your eyes cross and your tongue loll, well then these would probably push you over the edge that you are precariously teetering on.

The first one:

It’s called Impossibles for a reason.


I can not wrap my mind around the idea of a borderless puzzle.

Then on opening the box, I discover another bag of puzzle pieces inside.  Only that bag has no box.  I’m not sure what happened to the box, but no box also means no picture.

That won’t be hard at all do you think?  Working a puzzle with no idea of what it is supposed to be.   Easy Peasy, Japanesy.

And then the third and final puzzle:

It nonchalantly claims “Any genius can do it”.  But don’t bother looking at the picture on this one either, because it is assembled incorrectly on purpose.

It also reports “there are millions of combinations but only one correct solution”.

This puzzle contains pieces that are double-sided and talks to you giving you clues to further complete the puzzle.

I wonder who thought to create these.

Some people really do have too much time on their hands.

I can’t wait to become one of them.

Summer’s coming, keep smiling.



I have the need to read

I’m craving a book.  Yes, I said craving.  Like Elvis craved a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Longing, pining, desiring.   Sometimes all I need in life is a book, a blanket, and a couple of hours.  I don’t usually make it that long before falling asleep.

Mark Twain Image

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ~Mark Twain

I couldn’t agree more, Mark. 

If I think real hard, walk around the house a couple of times, and eat a chocolate chip cookie, maybe I could remember the last book I read.  Right now I’ve got a blank screen in my mind, occasionally flickering.  It’s been too long. 

Unless you count school reading, which doesn’t really count does it?  Right now I’m reading the book Sounder to my class.  Just today the poor, black boy in the story was saying how badly he wanted a book.  He probably could teach himself to read if only he had one.  He’d heard somewhere that some people had so many books, they only read them once.  Surely, there couldn’t be that many books in the world. 

I usually only read books once as well.  My dad, on the other hand, would read a book again and again.  One in particular was the Grapes of Wrath.  My mother finds it a waste of time to read a book twice.  I’m with her on this, unless it’s To Kill A Mockingbird, which I try to read every summer.  I also loved Eat, Pray, Love and vowed I would read it again someday, yet that someday hasn’t come.

But it’s coming.  Very soon. 

When June 1st arrives, I’m driving myself to the public library.  I’m checking out a stack of books and turning off the phones.  The grass can grow tall.  The dishes can pile up in the sink.  The tomatoes will need pickin’.  My legs will need shaving.  The chickens might even go hungry. 

Nah.  I’ll feed the chickens in between chapters. 

I plan on delving into some good books.  If you have a suggestion, let me know. 

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.  Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read~ Groucho Marx

Maybe I have a thing for men with bushy moustaches. 

Yosemite Sam

 I hope your innards turn to outards and your ears go visey-versey!   ~Yosemite Sam

Or maybe they just have good quotes.

What’s your favorite book?  Or quote?  Or moustached man?