A Post Where I Make Fun of my Niece and All Teenagers In General

I have a teenager in my home.  She’ll turn 14 in about 2 weeks.

Just in case, you don’t have a teenager in your home, let me tell you what these strange creatures do.

If they have any type of electronic device, they spend hours taking self portraits (selfies) with various faces, and posting them on social media sites near and far.  They are then to be “liked” and obviously the more likes you get taking pictures of yourself, with various faces, the greater the intrinsic reward.  I know this to be true, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The teenager who lives in my home is away visiting her grandmother right now.

Today she got a haircut.

And I got a picture text, of course.

A selfie, of course.  Along with the text, “What do you think of the haircut?”





I actually received two pictures.  She’s got to show all angles.


It’s a beautiful haircut.  She is a beautiful girl.

But what is with these faces?

We’ve talked about it before.

me:  Why don’t you just smile, you know like normally?

her:  that is my smile.

me:  really?  you raise your eyebrows and do your lips like that when you smile?

her:  yeah.  See?  {click.  another selfie}

Today, after receiving her picture texts, my husband and I immediately began making jokes.

J-Dub thinks she looks like she’s sitting on the toilet, although that’s not exactly his choice of words, when she raises her eyebrows and strains her face all up.

And then there’s the pucker, the “duck lips” as I’ve heard them called.

So, we decided to text her back and tell her we thought her hair was beautiful.  We also asked what she thought of Jason’s hair in these couple of shots.



Oh my, we were laughing.  I don’t know how he kept his pose or how I kept the camera from totally blurring we were laughing and snorting so hard.  Tears were flowing down my cheeks which isn’t hard to do when I get truly tickled.

EK was all up in our business during this charade.

She thought she needed to have some duck lips too.


Just in case I needed a reminder that she will be a teenager one day too.


And already playing the part.