Auntie Blog Time

I ran across the term “mommy blog” yesterday. I’m assuming it’s for all those peeps who only blog about their kids. So, I’ve coined my own term “auntie blog”. Real original huh? No kids for me, and no I don’t want any, thanks for asking. I have a very selfish streak and am quite the loner. Kids don’t exactly fit into that equation. I get my kid fill everyday at school, and then I have these nieces and nephews that I can latch onto anytime I want sticky fingerprints in the house.
Today is my #1 nephew’s birthday. He turned five today and we had a big five year old bash at McDonald’s.

Happy Birthday Harley!! He ran around so much playing, I could barely get a picture.

I did manage a family portrait of all three of my brother’s ankle biters.

Here you have Harley, the birthday boy, Maxx, the crybaby, and Ashlynn, the big sister……

and a rockstar at blowing straw wrappers at your head.

Here’s the happy father!

Maxx decided to do an impersonation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. What does he look like to you? Comment me!

But we did finally manage to get a sweet smile from him.

And then for the big finale!! The birthday wish and candle blowing. Yes, I do believe that boy is picking his nose…..


  1. bob says:

    good party, mc clintock


  2. Jolea says:

    This one made me LOL….that picture of Maxx especially…I think his impersonation is right on!


  3. Angel says:

    The more I look at him, maybe Maxx looks like the old man in Legends of the Fall after he had his stroke. "SCREW 'EM"


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