A Give-Away!!! Enter to Win!

Remember in the movie Forrest Gump when Forrest buys his shrimping boat and he discovers that shrimping is hard.  He only catches five shrimp, and the black man jokes that a couple more and he could make himself a cocktail?
Remember that old black man says, “you ever think of naming this boat?  It’s bad luck to have a boat without a name.”
So he names it the most beautiful name in the wide world:  Jenny.
Recently me and J-Dub bought a place.  A trailer house in the country.  I love our little place.  It’s my quiet oasis.  An escape.  Our little ranchette, our ranchito, our little trailer house on the prairie.  
But as much as I love it, we’ve been having some bad luck:
Day 1—I sliced my hand open ripping up carpet (blog to follow someday).
Day 3 and 4—I was home sick from work throwing my guts up.
Day something else—our guinea bird that we inherited broke his leg and then was eaten alive.
Day something else—Jason’s horse got sick
Day 4 or 5 days later—-Jason’s horse got sicker

Three days ago—-Jason’s horse died (blog to follow someday).

Too much sickness, death and pain for 4 weeks.

I’m a tad bit superstitious, so like Forrest, maybe it’s bad luck to have a trailer house in the country without a name.  Because right now we just call it “The Place”.

J-Dub calls me up.  “Where you at?”
“I’m out at The Place.”

Or I might ask him, “What are your plans.”
“I’m going to work on The Place.”

“Where’s our broom?”
“I took it to The Place.”

Even my mom is calling to say, “I’m coming out to help you work on The Place.”

We’ve gotten accustomed to it so far, but it just doesn’t sound very homey and I don’t think it will look good hanging on an arch above a cedar lined entrance.  Someday.

Jason and I have tossed around a couple of ideas, but we are having trouble roping the right one. 
So I’m having a little contest right here on my blog.
I’d like all of you who read this to submit suggestions of names for our place.

Bring on your ideas.  Stop our bad luck!!! 
Give us a name for our new little homestead and you could win a $25 gift card from Lowe’s Home Improvement.   Since that’s where I’m spending most of my money right now, it only makes sense. 

To enter to win, just think of something clever, cute, original, homey, ranchy, or catchy for us to call our new home, make sure it has good luck attached, then leave it in a comment with your name and you could win.

We’ll pick our  favorite from among the entries, and if we hate them all, we’ll just pick a winner at random!!!

This contest is going to run for a week so all you creative minds can think, and think, and think, and think.
Enter to win with as many names as you can think of.

Winner will be announced sometime next weekend 🙂

Isn’t this fun??????

Now leave a comment on here.
Down below.
See that blue comment word? 
Click it!


  1. Angel says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, your odds at winning are really, really good!!!


  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Lara says:

    I like Oasis Ranch! I would call it a Bit of Heaven. I would love to be away from all these crazies in DFW.Lara Brown


  4. Tacy says:

    Well…..I thought it was the Wheeler Ranch. Or J-Dub's Ranch……but after all your bad luck I think I would go with Hillbilly Hell!P.S. Hollar! I will work for free! Can take anything apart! 😉


  5. Anonymous says:

    God's Acres – Temporary Proprietors Jason and Angel WheelerDonna Whitson


  6. Jolea says:

    How about The Simple Life or Simple Pleasures or Simple Things or Simple Dreams since you're always talking about simplifying….:) Or you could always go with JAW….


  7. bob says:

    ochonello-that's the osage indian word for "Our Home."


  8. meeyeehere says:

    This looks like a fun giveaway!!!If it were mine I would call it The Angel's Halo.Or if ya wanna go with luck,I like THE BRANDED ACEjacksoncrisman@yahoo.com


  9. Anonymous says:

    I suggest Descansos(Spanish for 'place of rest')


  10. Anonymous says:

    How about The Big Sky Ranch


  11. Angel says:

    I love reading all these!! You are making me smile!! Don't forget to put your name.


  12. Brandi Cayce says:

    How about"The Promise Land". Those folks suffered through some trials and tribulations too. And, who would not like to buy some home grown veggies from "The Promise Land?".


  13. Charlene says:

    How about the "Golden Nugget"? You live on the golden plains of Texas and that name sure sounds lucky!


  14. Anonymous says:

    How about " Our Lovely Home" It is your home, and i am sure it will be Lovely. Joelynn


  15. Homesteading HappinessThe Happy HomesteadThe Happy HomeThe Regal RanchWhistling Pine(s) The Happiness HavenJ & A RanchThe Happy Halo(s)The Heavenly Halo(s)The Crooked Halo(s)The Peaceful PrairieThe Rippling PondAngel's Acre(s)Angel Acre(s)Lot-Of-Work RanchThe Rustic RuinsRocky Ridge FarmA Little Bit of HeavenShady Lane FarmBack In The Woods RanchBack In The Woods HomesteadThe Rugged RanchWild and Wacky RanchWhere The Wild Things GrowThe Doublewide HomesteadThe Giddyup Gate RanchThe Gated Halo RanchThe Gated Halo HeavenThe Gated Halo HavenOkay, my brain is fried now. I'm not very good at naming stuff, so I won't come back and reread what I wrote LMBO


  16. Anonymous says:

    And how about adding some more pics? I don’t want to offend anyone, page is really nice. Just as I know humans acquire information much more effective when they see certain helpful pictures.Lenny Mainfieldthe jammer


  17. Since all of these bad things happen why not 'habitat for insanity'? Or for a more homely feel; Creature comforts cottage/ cabinI may be back with more!thepricklypinecone(at)gmail.com


  18. Anonymous says:

    ok this is Eli. so we have a friend who is almost family and she has a place called the walkabout, cause there are plenty of places to walk about. Bries uncle has a blue barn where he use to raise ostriches and its called the o-zone, he also has a brown barn called the red barn cause it use to be red and the name has just stuck. look for something familiar about your place something that makes it different and play off that.


  19. I also like The Cuckoo's Nest!thepricklypinecone(at)gmail.com


  20. Anonymous says:

    Well auntie. This is Matt and I'm thinking OLEO ACRES the cheap spread.


  21. Angel says:

    Thanks so much for all your great suggestions!!! The randomly chosen winner is Brandi Cayce!!! Congratulations Brandi!


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