Good News!

I’m on top of the world.  I’m just on top of this beautiful, dadgum world.  It’s as if scales have fallen from my eyes and I see things in a new light. 

In case you haven’t been following my life, first off, I’m pregnant.  With my first child.  At age 36.  With this came a scary test that informed us that our baby was at an increased risk for Down’s Syndrome.  A 1:75 possibility.  I stewed and fretted and cried, then I prayed, and others prayed, and the Holy Spirit granted me a peace that passes all understanding. 

Today, we had a consultation and an ultrasound that looked for certain “markers” of Down Syndrome that the baby may display.  If any of  these markers were found, it increased the risk for the disorder, and if they weren’t noted, it decreased it.  Some markers they look for and measure are the thickness of the skin at the base of the neck, the length of the bones, the amount of fluid around the baby, the veins and arteries in the umbilical cord, certain spots in the heart, and others.

God is good, and if you don’t already know that, well, you need to.  There were not any markers found!  I praised Jesus  out loud right there lying on that table.  The absence of markers does not mean our baby does not have anything wrong with it, but it does mean that the chances went down 50%.  So now the odds are about 1:150.  And that sounds pretty dadgum good to me.  We were offered an amniocentisis to determine 100% for a yes or no answer, but we declined.  Our faith is in God, not in medicine.  You know I’ve never been the “one”.  I’ve never won the lottery, I’ve never been struck by lightening, and I know that I know that I know my baby is normal (as normal as can be expected with the parents it’s been given).

I am praising God to day for His goodness.  His mercy.  His grace.  His gifts.  He has given me something that I never dreamed I could ever need.  And I’m thrilled to become a mother. 

I’d like to believe that even if the test hadn’t turned out positively for us, I would still be praising God.  I’m just so thankful and relieved I am not experiencing the other end of the spectrum right now.  Praise the Lord with me today!

On a different note, during this ultrasound they were able to determine the sex of the child.   I have some wonderful, caring, loving people who are throwing a reveal party for me.  I had never heard of a reveal party before my principal approached me with the idea.  It can be done several different ways, but generally speaking it works like this:  the ultrasound technician puts the gender in an envelope keeping it a secret, even from the parents.  People are invited over, and in some way the sex of the child is revealed to everyone during the party, including the parents!!   Yes, you are reading that right.  We do not even know the sex of our baby.

Our baby was VERY uncooperative today.  It decided to stay sleep with it’s little legs crossed.  The technician was getting frustrated, but she perservered.  Finally she was able to get a good view.  She told us to turn our heads from the screen, while she took the picture.  It was then stuffed and sealed in an envelope and hand delivered to my principal by me.  It was much harder than I ever imagined it would be driving home with that envelope in the car!  But we didn’t peek.  I do admit I held it to the light, but still couldn’t see anything!

the envelope, please......

Tomorrow we will be finding out whether we need a blue nursery or a pink one.  I can hardly wait. 

I wish you all could be there, but since I feel like you are all experiencing this with me, please join me in spirit and cast your vote.

The result will be announced tomorrow!


  1. Donna Reynolds says:

    I know this has been heavy on your heart and I know you are trusting God every step of the way. We are so excited for you both and are looking forward to the blessed event. Aunt Donna…..hey, I like the sound of that.


  2. Jolea says:

    Yippy Skippy! I am so, so, so HaPpY (I’ve never typed anything like that before)…..:) Praise be to God for this little miracle baby! And, although I really kinda think it’s a boy, I’m hoping for a girl so I gotta go pink….you know I’m partial to girls! Can’t wait and you better text me ASAP…I mean within 1 minute of finding out. Love you!


  3. Heather Thompson says:

    You’ve made me cry yet again! I did say prayers for yall, imagining what you must be going through. And yes, God is definitely good! I’m so happy for your news and will continue to pray for an easy, blessed pregnancy. And my vote is a girl!


  4. leon says:

    Too many girls!! We need a boy!! LOL


  5. Barbara Davis says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you right now!!! I vote it’s a BOY!


  6. it really doesnt matter to me, i voted, just glad it is a healy baby! cant wait to meet my new little niece or nephew! love you all, auntie L


  7. RB says:

    It’s a boy. Jason needs a cowboy. LO AB


  8. Ky Smith says:

    You are such a beautiful person through and through!


  9. Marie says:

    I am sooo happy but sad I am going to miss out but Pam is suppose to text me, remind her please! I am pretty sure it is a boy but a girl would be awesome too!
    What a wonderful blessing you have been given, I told you it is all worth it! Love you!


  10. Donna H. says:

    Oh Angel … I have prayed this entire day for you and Jason and this is just the best answer to a prayer ever! God is so wonderful and good … Thank you Father for this blessing! I can hardly wait to see what you find out! I voted for a girl, but I know you won’t care as long as she/he is healthy !! I love the idea of a “reveal” party … how exciting that would be to be with all your family and friends when you discover what it will be. We’ll all be anxiously awaiting your post tomorrow. You will be posting, won’t you??? Thanks for sharing this beautiful and special time of your life with all of us. Love you much! Until next time … Donna H.


  11. Lenore Diane says:

    Excellent news, Angel. Though remember, God is good regardless of the news. He helps us manage through whatever struggles we face in life.
    I am so happy a weight has been lifted. May the remaining weeks be fill with wonderful anticipation, excitement and joy.
    Hugs, my friend –


  12. I am sooo excited!!! Great news! Good stuff! God IS good!


  13. Mama says:

    This is truly a great post spoken from your heart! And, what a wonderful heart you have and have always had! I am so proud of you and so very happy for you, and Jason…..and ME…….and especially happy for for a very lucky little girl……coming soon!!!!!!


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