Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Today was a windy day.  I went to put my hat on and it didn’t fit.  I think my head is swol up over all your compliments on yesterday’s blog.

Good grief!  My intention was not for you to leave me comments about me or my blog, but you’re cool like that.   I thank you all for the sweet words.  Really, I mean that.

You rock.  Plain and simple.


I took all the names from yesterday’s comments, put them in a box, turned my head, ran my hand around a couple of times, and drew out a name.  And the lucky winner is:


Leon has been my fan probably the longest.  He was one of my first readers way back when I had a different site, and one of my first commenters, and oh yeah, he happens to be my uncle, brother and best friend of my dad. 


Congrats Leon!!


 I got 3 suggestions in comments yesterday for chicken names:  Bob in memory of my dad, Bookworm, and Sassafras.  I am taking all of them to heart.  I can’t guarantee that I can remember who is who, but I’ll try.  All these chicks look the same.  Except some are black, some are yellow, and some are black and white.  But besides that, they all look the same.


  1. Jolea says:

    Oh Leornery…you lucky devil, you!


  2. Lara says:

    Aw man!! I miss a posting because I can’t breathe or hear very well and miss this fun chicken naming game.


  3. leon says:

    where’s my present?? 🙂


    1. Lara says:

      Congrats Leon!


    2. Angel says:

      Be patient, young grasshopper.


  4. Marie says:

    I thought you were never gonna post today! Don’t make me wait so long tomorrow!


    1. Angel says:

      Sorry Marie, I’ll try to do better. I got internet here at my house now, so I’ll procrastinate worse tomorrow.


  5. linda webster says:

    well congrats leonski! you get a chicken dinner!


  6. Brandi says:

    Congrats Leon!


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