All Her Parts


Our baby girl turned 8 weeks old yesterday.

People say she’s tiny, but she’s already grown so much to me.



I tried to capture her in all her little 8 week oldness.  She’s changing so much, so quickly.



Her daddy’s in love with her side profile.  And all the rest of her too.



I’m in love with her eyelashes.  And all the rest of her too.



A friend said it best.  “We couldn’t have ordered one better.”


Thank you God for our Emma Kate.  All of her.



6 thoughts on “All Her Parts

  1. She is so perfect, it is almost unbelieveable!!! For me, it will always be her amazing eyes! O.K. , now I might have to include her eye-lashes as well 🙂 Praise God for this precious beautiful child and all other chiildren He created! Thanks so much for the sweet pictures. My heart skips a beat when I see it’s going to be photos of Emma Kate! Ya’ really know how to make our day !! Until next time … Donna H.


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