10 Photos that make me smile

1.  This is my niece Ashy holding her brother.  He skinned his forehead earlier that day.  That bruise might make him look tough if only he didn’t have a bow in his hair.

2.  This is me about 30 years ago.  My dad, whom we buried a week ago today, commented on this photo:  “when i think of you as little, this is what i think of.” 

3.  There’s not anything cuter than a baby calf, even when it has a booger in its nose.

4.  I’m thankful for this book and it’s promises.  I stand on them.

5.  I’m thankful for this man, who loves me so. (That’s my dad in the back window, checking out the ride.)


6.  This is my sister, who ironically thinks she’s smarter than me.  I don’t recall ever sticking MY head in a mud puddle.  It’s great that my mom grabbed her camera before grabbing a washrag.

7.  This note hangs on my mom’s front door. 

8.  Three of J-Dub’s friends. I love the joy in this picture.


9.  My earthly dad.

10.  My heavenly Father.

Keep smiling 🙂


  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Love this! Huge smiles! Thank you for sharing. This is great, Angel!


  2. Great post, made me smile. The pictures of you as a kid, the calf, and your wedding are priceless. And I agree, baby cows are so adorable.


  3. Donna Hultman says:

    YOU (and your 10 photos) made ME smile!! I loved your selection of pics especially the one of you and your hubby on your wedding day with your daddy peeking in the back window! (I’m certain he was just checking one more time to make sure you were ok) 🙂 And I loved the one of your lil sis with her head in the water and her new HAIR DO!! Tooo funny. You keep smilin’ girlfriend and we’ll keep smiling with ya’ . Until next time … Donna P.S. Interestingly enough, you and I have the same Father ..hummm??:)


    1. Mama says:

      I LOVE nine (9) of these pictures! You were a precious, adorable and happy, happy little girl……..and today you still are! (Except for the last 12 days!) I was 32 when I lost my beloved Daddy, who was the greatest Daddy in the world! I remember it like it was yesterday! It had snowed and snowed and snowed…..deep, deep snow was everywhere! I screamed and carried on like an insane person and went flying out the door, bare -foot, with Bob right behind me to drive me to the hospital. As he got into the car, he hit the windshileld with his fist, breaking it……..of course! That was 35 years ago! I have often wished that I could just turn around and see him walk through the door…….. just ONE more time.

      But, I know……..that one day……I’ll be the one to walk through the door…………………………and there he’ll be ………………..waiting for me!



  4. Blockader says:

    Finally… a picture of Jesus the way I see him.


  5. LOVE THIS POST MAN. You know how picture crazy I am. Pictures speak volumes. This is marvelous. I needed this on a morning like this.
    Also…JDub’s friends….Jimmy Light, Shawn Thomson right? Went to school with Jimmy. Love Shawn….but who is the other one??


  6. Angel, you are truly blessed with the gift of writing. I hope you did have a blessed Birthday. And knowing from personal experience “36” isn’t that bad at all. Its how you take and use the number to your advantage. Again Happy B-lated Birthday!!!!


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